CGI by Edward Arnold

Zebora is a powerful warrior on his world, chief security officer and personal bodyguard to the Royal Ashkar -- (thats the royal family). Until he was falsely accused of attempting to assasinate the king, he was dishonored and exiled on a primitive world -- (so he thought) -- known as Third Earth.

During his long exile on Third Earth he befriended a group of treetop warriors known as the Warrior Maidens, lead by Queen Willa. He eventually took a maiden as his mate, her name is Bola a maiden of great skills and standing. A year and a half later she gave birth to their daugter "Zebo".

Unfortunately she died during childbirth, which left him to raise his daugther, alone? I don't think so, with the help of all the maidens she grew strong and well trained. fourteen years later During an attack on Cats Lair by the Mutants, Tygra was outnumbered and being overrun. Until Zebora and Zebo intervened helping Tygra to defeat the Mutants.

But Zebora was mortally wounded in the battle, he lost his arm and was loosing lots of blood, but thanks to Pumyra and Panthro he recovered. He now has a new mechanical arm and weapon created by Panthro and Ben-Gali, as gratitude for his help and courage. But that was not the end of it, Lion-O made history by inducting their first non-Thunderian members to the Thundercats. Ever since then Zebora has been a valued member, he now helps Tygra and Pumyra on Third Earth. One day he'll return to Foreshia and clear his name and honor.