Tyrus the predator by timbrian-d4kv328

CGI by Edward Arnold

Physical Description

Species: Bentas or "Tasmanian Tiger"

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Orange/Brown - Black Stripes

Eye Color: Yellow

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 875 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: South Hathen, Thundera

Weapon of Choice: Thunderbolt Warbow

Allegiance: Thundercats

Service/Branch: Wild Cats, Claw

Rank: Chief Military Tactician Officer


Master of Camouflage

Chief Pathfinder

Professional Predator

Battles/Wars: The Thunderian Wars; The Great Third Earth War

Ambush At Castle Claudus

Ambush At The Kings Mountain

Southern Koala-Northern Koala Border Conflict

During the early years on Thundera, lived Tyrus the Predator a "living legend". Tyrus loves a good cat fight! The more he's outnumbered the more the challenge. His rebellious ways caused him to seek out employment among the ranks of the Wild Cats (but he was considered too untamable for their standards), thus began his thrill-seeking reputation for hunting Mutants and renegade Thundercats as a professional predator (bounty hunter). Tyrus managed to escape the destruction of Thundera, just moments before. The shockwave caused his ship, "The Tiger Cat" to hurl into space, nine hundred light years from Thundera.

He crashlanded on a frontier moon settlement which had very little population, he proclaimed it "New Tas" in honor of his mixed heritage. He soon left New Tas and for ten long years he had offered his services to anybody who had the need of a bounty hunter and this includes, law enforcement agencies and outlaw organizations. It wouldn't be long before Tyrus was tested, during an engagement while returning to New Tas, a band of marauding space Mutants had invaded and began enslaving the pilgrims, Tyrus fended off the attackers but in the course of the battle he had lost his right eye. According to eyewitnesses it was one hell of a fight. Refusing to seek medical attention, he wears an electronic eye patch.

After years of exile, Tyrus finally returns home to New Thundera, but times are not as they were. The sub-group Claw were having difficulties getting new members until, Tyrus offered his services but on one agreement - that he leave New Thundera whenever he wishes and that his home, New Tas be considered a new colony for the Thunderian Empire. His request was granted. He was given the task of operations officer of Cats Lair on Third Earth, the first cat fortress. Tyrus carries an array of deadly arsenals like stun grenades, which he carries in a pouch tied to his leg.