Tygra is the architect of the team, Without Tygra, there would be no Cats Lair. responsible for designing the Lair
Tygra portrait by vshen-d4bodz5

Tygra Fan Art by vshen

on Third Earth and Thundera, as well as other structures. He is the most introspective of the Cats, often taking time to meditate by himself. He's one of the most dependable. Under his guidance the Robear Berbils constructed Cats Lair in only three days. Tygra's mystical bolo-whip is a formidable weapon. With it Tygra can become invisible to most Third Earth inhabitants. Tygra's agility and cunning help him in times of battle and make him an invaluable asset to the team. Another skill that he has is his mind power. He can make you see things that aren't really there.

Tygra has constructed many fortreses and garrisons to fight the war with the dragons, along with Panthro's inventions and weapons they have survived many attacks. Tygra's ability to turn invisible makes him the perfect infiltration expert, by gathering info on the enermy he brings this war closer to its end.On one of his infomation gathering missions he was discovered and captured by Venomia who tortured him for several days according to Tygra's memory, untill he was rescued by the Black Talon. The weird thing is Venomia never asked him a single question. In the 2011 Animated Series, the character is the adopted older brother of Lion-O. A ladies man, Tygra is confident to the point of narcissistic arrogance. This version of Tygra also possesses extreme xenophobia, a jealous streak, and an inferiority complex. All of which often serve to cause friction between the two brothers. As he would learn later in the season, Tygra is of the Tiger Clan who were forced to live far from Thundera due to their continued loyalty to Mumm-Ra and constant betrayal of other Cats. Sent to Thundera as a baby by his biological father Javan, Tygra was raised by Claudus and his wife with the latter loving Tygra dearly prior to her death while giving birth to Lion-O. Losing both the right to succeed his foster father and the only mother he knew, Tygra grew to hate Lion-O and is always questioning the latter's decisions as the new Lord of the ThunderCats. Furthermore, Tygra fell in love with Cheetara when they first met as children in the past, although he believed she never returned his feelings for her. Her apparent friendship with Lion-O gave him another reason to bear a grudge on his brother regardless of his loyalty until the aftermath of them setting aside their differences, obtaining the Spirit Stone, and with Tygra and Cheetara becoming a couple after confessing their feelings. In "What Lies Above" he is shown to be a natural pilot due to his ancestors serving as pilots in Mumm-Ra's army.

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