Full Name: Screch Ruawk

Affiliation: The Freedom Confederacy

Base of Operations: Raven Point


Battles/Wars: Battle of The Tree Top Kingdom

Race: Owl

Marital Status: Single

Primary Specialty: Aerial Combat

Secondary Specialty: Survivalist

Weapon of Choice: Illumination Staff


Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 187 lbs

Eyes: Black – Tan

Hair: Brown – Yellow


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Clode, Aves


Screch is the only mutant to be adopted by Warrior Maidens. Born in Aves but grew up in the Tree Top Kingdom. Screch was like a son, to Willa. His first priority was the sole protection of the Tree Top Kingdom at all cost. Screch might be a predator bird but not according to Willa. He is very well loved in his adoptive home and helps the Thundercats whenever possible. He has a big crush on Wilykat.