Lynx o thundercats by az i am-d4ykgvl

Lynx-O Fan Art by Az_i_am

Lynx-O the Elder along with his age came wisdom, which is trusted by all the ThunderCats. Although he is blind, a Lynx-O has enhanced senses of touch and hearing. Lynx-O views more clearly than any other ThunderCat with the use of his brail board.He was blinded while escaping from Thundera. Since he is blind, some of the tricks Mumm-Ra, the mutants, and the Lunatacs play on the other ThunderCats don't work on him. His weapon is a shield that is on his arm and it shoots lasers and reflects laser attacks.

Panthro built him the brail board which he uses to see what is currently happening in the outside world. Even though he is blind, he runs the Tower of Omens and can fly the Thunderstrike with his brail board. He co-ordinates the battles and missions from an undisclosed location, he is in constant contact with every ThunderCat, soldier, outpost, Fortress, vehicle, etc. via his goggles which acts as a brail board, though more advance by far. He controls all of Thundera's defences with the help of the ThunderKittens, Snarf and Snarfer.

In the 2011 Animated Series, Lynx-O is a general under Claudus. He first had a cameo as one of Thundera's lookout sentries. It is unclear as to whether or not he survived Thundera's destruction.