Old fortress wall wallpaper

Old Fortress wall wallpaper

Fort Jaga

General Information





Location: The Borders of The Jungle of Darkness, New Thundera

Historical Information

Created: 300 Years {New Thundera}

Allegiance: ThunderCats

Fort Jaga was a military outpost on the northeast border of the Jungle of Darkness. It was named after Jaga the Wise. Its sole purpose was to be able to alert the ThunderCats of invaders such as the Lunatacs and the Mutants. Fellow ThunderCat Henro, who was a genuine genius when Panthro and Tygra conceived and supervised the construction of the fortress. The particular outpost was nearly overtaken by the Lunatacs. As a prelude to the full-scale battle that came to be called The Battle of Thundera. The attack on Fort Jaga was nearly a disastrous one for the Cats.


The fort itself considered four main buildings, plenty of balconies which offered exceptional defensive positions. Cat quarters, floor grating, turbo lifts for shafts for the catapult and Thunderstorm laser blaster cannon surface weapons which are scattered throughout the fort. Beneath the fort, there is cave which leads directly into the complex and another set of caves which in case of emergency evacuation to Cats Lair. There is also a medical hanger, a Cat operations briefing room not to mention a ThunderCat Flagpole which is located in the courtyard. There is also a communications tower in which is used to communicate with the Thunderian Space Station - Alpha Station and Third Earth.