CGI by Edward Arnold

An ancient slave of the ancient spirits of evil, Chime-Ra served his masters well, he gathered his armies from several worlds.The first world was called Vulcore, ruled by dragons, intelligent awsome creatures with speach. he then moved on to other worlds conqueoring and destroying for centuries.Chime-Ra is as ageless as evil itself.The monsterous evil known as lord Chime-Ra is an unstoppable force of chaos, havoc and destruction.

Chime-Ra's vile agenda is to destroy all that is good and decent, to leave everything behind him a smoldering cinder. This is the Ancient spirits of evil's number one boy, he's been conqueoring and exterminating worlds and galaxies for centuries. He's been around alot longer than Mumm-Ra the Ever Living, about two and a half centuries.

Chime-Ra is a loyal slave of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, because of that and his victories they granted him greater powers than most. It is said when you look upon the face of Lord Chime-Ra you look upon the face of evil itself. Standing 9ft.3ins tall, he's a towering terror.