CGI by Edward Arnold


Full Name Chikako

Birthplace Dawncrest

Home World Thundera

Relatives Cato (mother); Nyanro (father); Kittcoug

(brother); Perslo (brother); Tigoro (sister)


Eye color Tan - Yellow

Gender Female

Height 5' 6”

Marital Status Single

Primary Military Specialty Battlefield Paramedic

Secondary Military Specialty Wilderness Search & Rescue

Skin color Black - Brown Spotted Sienna

Species Cheetoh

Weapon of Choice Thundersling

Weight 118 lb


Affiliation(s) Thundercats

Base of Operations Cat's Lair

War Service Siege of Cat's Lair


Chikako is a very muscular Thunderian that is athletic, graceful and lithe. She has the stalking, low- shouldered walk that is common in wild jungle cats The spotted appearance enhanced her distinctive wild look. She is faster than Cheetara. She has been clocked at 112kph at her top speed but it is unknown if that is her record top speed. She can accelerate to freeway speed in just a few strides. Chikako though demonstrates a very fierce wild appearance. She is gentle and has a mild-mannered temperament. She is expected to be very dependable and also extremely intelligent and curious, often demonstrating an un-feline sense of humor. During the early years on Thundera, Lord Claudus were hand-picking candidates for the new roster when he noticed her at the field running competition. Her only weakness was the fact that she tires out too quickly. Among her schooling at the Thundercat Academy was science/nature, she scored the top of her class with honors, which surprised her teammates. But her real passion was medicine. It was why she became the chief medical officer. It was during field practice that Chikako was made an honorary Thundercat. This occurred when a medical lab caught fire she managed to rescue the entrapped Thunderians and attended to their wounds. Because of the accident, she was slightly burned on her left cheek which left a deep-half moon scar.