CGI by Edward Arnold

Physical Description

Species: Bull

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Gray

Eye Color: Dark Red

Height: 6' 11"

Weight: 700 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: Minotaur

Weapon of Choice: Blood Honor

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

Service/Branch: Jackalman's Rebellion

Years of Service: Twenty-Five Years

Rank: None


Weather Survivalist

Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

Mutant Civil Wars

Bull the Terrible as he is called, is a Mutant creature that plunders from planet to planet seeking out alien lifeforms to enslave. The Bull Mutants capture their slaves and force them to mine for serjt gold. Bulls are quite superstitious creatures. Bull the Terrible was transported to Third Earth by Mumm-Ra in order to rid himself of the Thundercats once and for all, however he failed miserably. Bull the Terrible has been known for his bad temper, hence the title the Terrible, and won't hesitate to fight. He will defend his territory, mates and calves at all costs and been known to attack and kill lions, leopards, hyenas and even humans if needed. That is why many colonists consider Bull to be the most dangerous Mutant on Third Earth. It should be noted that Bull has made his way to Dark Side Territory and is plotting his revenge against Mumm-Ra and the Thundercats.