Brootoon Maximus

Full Name: Brooton Maximus

Affiliation: Jackalman's Army

Base of Operations: Castle Plun-Darr


Battles/Wars: Africana Wars

Race: African Elephant

Marital Status: Single

Primary Military Specialty: Professional Executioner

Secondary Military Specialty: War Elephant/Cavalry Specialist

Weapon of Choice: Warcry Shield


Gender: Male

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 350 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Brown – Black


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Lakeside Ruins, Africana


On the scrub forest edge of Africana, Brooton Maximus was born, one might say he was born to fight. Among Brooton's skills is that he is an excellent swimmer when he communicates, he uses low calls that can be heard through several kilometers of dense jungle, but these sounds are too faint to be detected by humans. Brooton who would lead Jackalman's troops into battle without the fear of cowardice. Brooton plans on turning the tide and lead the Mutant rebels against Jackalman and conquer Third Earth.